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iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB

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  • Price : $0
  • Device : iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB
  • Storage : 512GB
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  • Device is sealed in original packaging
  • Includes all factory accessories
  • Device has never been activated
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  • Device looks brand new
  • Fully functional
  • No cracks, scratches, or dings
  • Good battery health
Conditions : Good Condition
  • Fully functional
  • Moderate scratches or scuffs
  • No cracks or chips on the glass
Conditions : Damaged
  • Cracked glass (No LCD Damage)
  • Heavy scratches or dings
  • Poor battery health
Conditions : Broken
  • Device does not power on
  • Bad LCD or dead pixel
  • Water damage
  • Bent frame
  • Unable to make calls or connect to wifi

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